Sunday, May 18, 2008

Survived First 5K!

I finished my very first ever 5K today! I have so many thoughts about it -- where do I begin?

First of all, it was a very well-run race by the Alzheimer’s Association. It seemed like a good turnout for a local race, and I hope they made lots of money to fund their very important research and support for families.

The most important thing I learned was that I need a pre-race checklist! I did okay with my prep the day before, paying attention to food and getting my gear together. I should have drunk more water throughout the evening – that will need to be on my new checklist.

I arrived in plenty of time to check in and get my number, hit the restroom, get a pebble out of my shoe, go back to the car for a hat (it was 48 degrees with a blustery Michigan wind coming off the lake), pin my number on, take a pre-race picture, go back to the car to drop off my goodie bag and relax before it was time to go to the start line.

But once I started I realized I should have checked my shoelaces – I felt like one might come untied during the race. And I forgot to put on lip balm – my lips dry out when I run. Those things are kind of more important than a pre-race picture!

When our group went to the start line (after the 10K group had already taken off), I was in the middle of the pack of 60 or so 5K runners/walkers. I expected an announcement and/or countdown. But one minute we were milling about, and the next minute we were taking off! And boy, did people take off! I was quickly left behind by most of the 5K runners, even though we had an uphill start – welcome to the world of running!

I was huffing and puffing a little because of the uphill start, but I quickly got into my normal running pace. And I kept it steady during the first mile. After the first mile I picked up the pace a little, but generally stayed near the few people that were running near me. I have to admit I couldn’t really see any casual walkers behind me, but I was hoping there were some back there so I wouldn’t finish last!

After the turnaround at 1.5K, I honestly was thinking I would never make the 13 miles at Disney. Even though I’m up to running 5-6 miles on the treadmill, and I had run 2-3 miles outside twice before this race, and all my running has been under a 15-minute mile pace, those doubts crossed my mind.

Now I was in a real race and I knew where I was in the pack, so it was a good dose of the reality. I was doubting whether I could really finish the Disney race, but I also focused on the fact that I still have six months left for more training! And I also realized I really need to run a 10K next, probably in September, to prepare me for the big race.

Not too long after that, I could see we were in sight of the finish line. And I was happy with my pace, and feeling okay. And for a minute, as I was nearing the finish line, I imagined what it would be like at Disney World. It will be fantabulous!!

I had hoped to do the 5K in under 40 minutes, and I ended up finishing in 39 minutes! I averaged 12.2 minute miles, which I am very happy with. It was definitely a good experience, and when it was over, I definitely wanted to do another one – but not next weekend! I think I’ll look for another 5K race in June.


Chris said...

Congratulations, Deb!!! Sounds like you kicked some butt out there as well! I hear ya on the checklist, sometimes being comfortable is just having a routine. This is why I was saying that Matt has got to get into an organized race prior to the 1/2! Felt good this morning cause I had come up with a routine after the two previous races. Think we can all learn something from Rae in this space :-)

Congrats again! Can't wait to read all the other T.V'ers race day stories.

Anonymous said...

What a great finish!!! Congratulations. Why worry...You will be able to run the half marathon at Disney. The cheers and sights will keep you pumped and going. :-)

Rae! said...

Holy Cats!!! You made it!!!! And you beat your own time by a minute!!! Awesome!!!!!!
See this is why I am after everyone to try, Now it gives you an idea what to expect, And how you and your body is going to react. And you can make adjustments and learn and be ready for the half.!
I hugged my computer!!!!
Hey your faster than me!!!! Keep it up!!!

MikeF. said...

I also just hugged my computer! Great job Deb. I am darn proud that you got out there and finished. Just awesome!

sambycat said...

congrats! that is completely awesome!!!!

mgreene said...

Next time try double knotting your shoe laces - they will NOT come untied if you do this correctly.

caballerofan said...

Congrats Deb,

I am so very proud of you. You are definitely going about reaching you goals in a well thought out way. You are going to do great at WDW and Donald and his family are proud of you too.

You mentioned a couple mental struggles, now you can address them and Keep Moving Forward.

This is within your grasp Deb. And you set fantastic pace.

I'm am so happy for you.

Basil said...

Way to go Deb!! We've still got plenty of time to get up to that 13.1 mile range. I agree with the idea of getting in a 10K in September. That will really put us on track for the half.

Princess Fee said...

Congratulations Deb!!! That is an amazing time for the 5k - you must be so proud of yourself to beat your estimated time too! And I have no doubt that the half marathon will be a breeze ;)

And must say that the chapstick is something I forgot to use on Sunday too! My lips were sore for the rest of the day...must remember that in future!

Once again congrats and cheers!

Ledell said...

Keep up the good work.