Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The American Adventure

If you’re not a fan of the movies in World Showcase, consider giving the American Adventure show a try. If you’re hot and tired and need an air-conditioned break, and you are on that side of World Showcase, go ahead into the show – you might just like it.

The show celebrates the American spirit with historical Animatronics like Ben Franklin and Mark Twain. The movie, mixed with Animatronics on stage, and great music, has a wonderful story line. Even if you hated history in high school, you won’t hate this!

My WOW moment is the final part of the movie when the curtains roll back along the sides of the theater. That combined with the music and the historical figures shown in the movie always makes me a little misty.

It’s a great show! Go see it next time you’re at WDW!

(You'd think Epcot was my favorite park, since this is the third attraction I've talked about in my blog. Maybe next time I'll pop over to MK or AK or DHS!)


Rae! said...

I haven't made in to see this yet. I am still working on making my way around the world.

Matt said...

I LOVE The American Adventure. I love how the movie and the animatronics flow together.

Chris said...

Can't believe I haven't seen this one...Come to think of it, I've missed alot at the parks! Always had a kind of lazy attitude when touring the parks (pre-kids), but this is a positive as it gives us more reasons to plan trips!

caballerofan said...

The American adventure is a wonderful show. If you can time it right catch the Voices of Liberty prior to the show. And sit under the dome around the edge of the circle on the floor. The acustic are great there.

I am looking forward to spending much more time in WS during the '09 trip.

How are your long jogs coming?

DebWDW said...

My training slowed down while I was in NC last week. But this week is back to normal. On Saturday I plan to run 5 miles. Should be interesting!!