Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drama and Laughter, Yin and Yang

Two good podcast shows you might want to check out -- for different reasons!

The first is a HIGH-larious show from WDW Today! It's show #414, May 26th. Listening to this show made both me and my husband laugh until we cried! (Our cat Sasha thought we were nuts!) The gang is eating and drinking around World Showcase, which didn't turn out to be such a great idea for them -- but very entertaining for us!

The second is a radio drama on Inside the Magic, show #164, May 25th. I'm not a big fan of radio drama, but this one really sucked me in! The Backstage Pass segment from Jay and Mark is titled "Kingdom of the Crystal Palace" -- get it? Crystal Palace? Crystal Skull? Indiana Jones? It's really, really creative. They'll take you to a place in the Magic Kingdom you never could have imagined!

Enjoy them this weekend!


Chris said...

Haven't gotten a chance to listen to either of these shows yet, can't wait now! Perhaps on my commute home tonight (just getting to MouseGuest...waaay behind).

Basil said...

Both were very good!! Ricky has a very well produced show and Jay and Mark and some great segments to the mix. As for the WDW Today guys...and gal...they are always funny, but this show had me laughing out loud while in the gym listening. Now I'm off to chug a bottle of maple syrup and see if animals start talking to me :0)