Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday !

Whew!  I've been back at work three whole days and I am ready for a break!  (Our university shuts down between Christmas and New Years, so I had a nice long visit with family in NC, and then six more days at home chilling out.)

On my lunch time walk today, me and the work friend who's joining in my goal of 150 lunch walks this year were talking, and she said she needs a new challenge that she can work toward -- like a charity walk or run.  That kind of goal is what she needs to stay on track.

But as you can see from my goals for this year (150 lunch walks, 200 gym days), goals can also be simple or unique.  I'd love to run another Disney race someday, but that may not be realistic with my pinched nerve and age.  So my goals this year need to be focused on improving my fitness, not so much on a race.  A race would just be icing on the cake .... um, I mean sugar-free caramel on sugar-free ice cream?