Monday, January 7, 2013

The Parking Lot

I had a great workout on Saturday at the gym.  So I thought I would be all excited and motivated to go on Sunday.  Annnnnnnnd I made it to the parking lot.  Yep.

Had my stuff, all set, all I had to do was get out of the car.  And I didn't.  Just wasn't into it.

So I skipped.  But that's okay.  It takes me a while to reach the point where I love working out and look forward to going.  So I'm not going to stress or worry about it.  And I will go tonight -- and I probably will make it into the building this time!

And speaking of parking lots, the Mickey Miles Podcast tweeted some pics of the Epcot parking lot being prepared for race weekend.  Empty bleachers, potties and tents are all there, waiting for the deluge of runners.  It was neat to see the preparations.

I know there are runners who are excited or scared or worried about the weekend.  There are so many stories that could be told.  It's truly an amazing event!

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Amanda said...

You'll get there, give yourself time. Count me as the nervous one this year - I wish I could say it is excited nerves, but it's just plain nerves this time.