Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nice Time At The DMV?

Since I'm heading to WDW for my birthday week, and my driver's license expires this year, I headed to the DMV this morning for a renewal.

Last time I was there, I got fussed at a little for not knowing I was supposed to stand on a certain carpet square for a certain line. So I wasn't quite sure what fun things would happen on this trip.

I did get to sleep late, which my cat loved, since the office didn't open until 9. And I stopped by my favorite bagel place on the way. Two fun things so far!

I headed in, and found only two people there in line. Cool. Pulled a number, just to obey the rules! Didn't want to get fussed out for not having a number!

My turn came and the lady was SOOOOOOO NICE!! She was happy, friendly, sweet -- I'm surprised she didn't give me a cookie or offer to help me to my car! COOOL!!

Eye test, photo snap, temporary piece of paper to extend my license, and I was all set!

Of course, now that I'm recalling the experience, I remembered that I meant to get an enhanced license (sort of a quasi passport-ish tyle license). But I was so flabbergasted by the nice lady that I forgot to tell her I wanted one!

Ummm, does that mean a trip back to the DMV? Will the nice lady still be there? What are the odds of that?

Maybe I better stick with the standard license and hope for the best in another eight years!


Chris said...

It's amazing what farming some of that work out to AAA will do to the lines!

Glad you had such a pleasureable experience. I can assure you that it has never been like that here in CT...which is why I go to AAA to renew mine.

Anyhoo, have a great trip for your B-day!

Matt said...

Are you sure you were at the DMV? Sounds like you got lucky and found the only nice DMV worker in America. Congrats!

Have fun on your trip and Happy Early Birthday!

MikeF. said...

I used to hate going to the DMV because of the awefully long lines. Now because of the DMVs website you can do just about anything on it. So when I go to the DMV there is now maybe a 5 min. wait or as us Disney folks call it. A walk on attraction. :) Hope you have a great B-Day vacation at the world.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything is going well with your training. Terrific!

Loved your insprirational message in the prior blog.

Amanda said...

Good to know there's at least one nice DMV worker out there. The lines here are never short, there are at least five different lines to choose from and if you get the wrong one you wait again. Not fun here in AZ :)! I avoid it whenever possible.

Hope you're all set for your bday trip. It's getting close now!