Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Week, Finally

Hi everyone!

Like some of you, I've really been on Space Mountain with eating and exercising. How crazy was I to think that after last year's dedicated training, that this year would be easier?! Hah!

But during my recent doldrums, I didn't give up. I just tried to minimize the damage somewhat, and kept looking at each day as a fresh opportunity.

And finally, low and behold, I'm back on track, moving forward like the TTA. Eating is good, exercising is good. I did a fun little 5K run this past Sunday at a friend of a friend's college business school -- even though it was October in Michigan! Luckily, it was in the 50s, not windy, and a little bit sunny. And it was just a 5K.

I wore my tech shirt from the Disney Half Marathon. It always brings back such good memories when I put that shirt on!

If you're on the low end of Thunder Mountain, just hang on and look at each day as a new start. And one morning it really will be!


Chris said...

Finally some action out there in T.V. land :-)

It IS better to be sick now than before the race, that's for sure. I remember that being one of my fears as we got closer...that I'd hurt myself or get sick. However, this one couldn't have come at a better time, just after the marathon the other week and just before vacation! We're heading home on the 14th, so it looks like we'll just miss you and your sister. We'll make sure to leave some fun for you guys though. :-)

Amanda said...

Way to go Deb! It sounds like you're on the path to meet or exceed your goals.

You must be getting excited for your birthday trip - it's getting close now!

MikeF. said...

Good job Deb on all fronts!!!! This year has been a real rollercoaster for me and now it seems I have hit that really big scary hill that just seems to keep climbing. But like you said I keep looking at the next day as a fresh opportunity. Oh and I just got your email. Sorry I would have loved to help. Let me know if I still can.

Matt said...

You're doing SO awesome Deb! You're making us all proud! Keep it up!