Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey, I'm Going to Disney World!

I've been so lame about blogging, that I just realized today that it might be a good idea to mention that I'm going to WDW on Sunday!

Me and my sister will be there for a week to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday. This is the first time the two of us have gone alone, and I think it will be a cool, bonding experience. Either that, or we'll be sick of each other by the end of the week!

She was not able to come in January 2009 for marathon weekend -- my parents and brother did. So I told her we would do this trip as her replacement, and finally I would get to have a birthday at WDW.

I'm going to try the dining plan for the first time this trip. I've always liked to have one table-service meal each day, usually lunch, just to have a break and some quiet time before heading out again. So the plan should mesh with my normal routine -- except for dessert. Usually I'm full enough that I'm okay skipping dessert to save calories and money, but now I will feel obligated to get a dessert! Could be trouble!

We're staying at the Boardwalk (DVC). MK will be open til 11 one night and EC will be open until midnight, so that will be cool. I love the parks at night.

And speaking of night, AK will be open until 8 one night, and I will finally get to see AK after dark! Usually we go in the morning, have lunch at Rainforest (can almost always eat at the bar without waiting), and then head back to BW because we can't take any more of the heat and humidity of the AK jungle!

This time, we'll probably head over to AK around 3, eat an early dinner at Y&Y, and then walk around and see how the park looks under lights! I'm really looking forward to it.

What else is new this trip? My birthday breakfast will be at Norway with the princesses. I happen to love buffet breakfasts -- love the fruit, pastries, and breakfast items -- and then I have the rest of the day to work off the calories! Much better than an evening buffet (except for not maximizing DDP dollars).

As I was making ADRs for the trip, I walked that fine line of choosing expensive spots (to maximize the DDP dollars) versus choosing spots that I like, had a menu me and my sis could enjoy, and had ADRs available. I suspect I'll end up about breaking even when all is said and done.

I'm also really looking forward to new Space Mtn and Kim Possible. I'm going to try and do all the countries, since I have five days. I also need to check out Vinylmation, and hope I don't get hooked!

I'm also going to use Photo Pass for the first time this trip. I've gotten pretty jaded about taking pics lately -- I took hundreds the first few times I went to WDW. But since it's me and my sis, I want to have lots of pics to commemorate the trip, and why not let the Disney photographers do the work for me?!

I also plan to Tweet, blog and record some audio. Now whether my iPhone battery will cooperate is another story! We'll see what happens, and how many outlets I find to use. Wonder if anyone ever asks for a table near a plug, instead of near a window?!!!


Amanda said...

Have a fabulous trip and Happy Birthday early! Can't wait to hear how you like everything.

Chris said...

Isn't that funny that you went down the day after I got back. :-)

Hope you're having a great time! I'm already set into my post trip depression...300 new e-mails and meetings all week doesn't help at all. What can ya do except look forward to January and marathon weekend.