Monday, November 17, 2008

What A Year!

One year ago, I was listening to podcasts and living a normal life. I had finally become addicted to the gym and had slimmed down and toned up, and was pretty happy with how things were going. I was an early AATM listener, and had emailed Bryan and Jonathan a few times, and I had started to read a few blogs, especially those from other Mouseketeers.

And then a few weeks later, an unexpected work trip to Tampa got me close enough to WDW at the right time, and I was able to experience my first MouseFest. And then my life changed!

To start with, I was amazed that I could walk up to a group of strangers and almost instantly fit in. Secondly, I was amazed at how quickly long-distance friendships could be developed.

But the most important thing that happened at MouseFest was that Rae and Kate and Jonathan (and probably a few others) talked me into training for the 2008 Half Marathon!

And now, here I am a year later. I have 10-12 new Disney Internet friends whom I love to bits! And I have turned into a quasi-runner, and reached 13 miles once so far! And as I mentioned last time, have finally moved off a weight plateau.

But more importantly than the running and weight, I've learned that I can actually stick to something longer than a week, and I can reach a goal -- especially when I have friends to support me like Team Voice has this year!

So thank you all for a wonderful year!! You've made this birthday one of my best ever!!!


Matt said...

Awww! We love you too!!! The best thing about this entire experience is the new friends and community I've made!

Chris said...

It's amazing, isn't it? I feel almost the same way! I say almost as I haven't met any of the AATM or TM folks in person yet. I think that's why January will be special for me :-) Kinda like putting the finishing touches on the whole year of listening, training, and bloging.

Can't wait to meet cha, Deb.

MikeF. said...

I'm blushing and I am only reading my computer screen. All I can say Deb is Amen sister. Amen. Since you are from Michigan. I was wondering if you guys are Michigan or Michigan St. fans? I am a HUGH Michigan fan.

Rae! said...

You said it so well. I can't wait to see you again and see the weight loss. And I am super excited to see all of those who I have not met yet.
I can't wait and it is getting so close. :)

Jeff said...

Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I agree that making these new friends has been wonderful. I am thankful for all of them.

January is coming Deb. Woo Hoo!!! said...

WOOO HOOO! only a few more days!