Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Thanksgivings Ago

Two years ago (I think), me, my husband, my sister and my three nieces spent Thanksgiving week at WDW. I was pretty worried about the week -- we never had gone at peak times. But it turned out great!

It's true that during peak times, the parks are open longer -- especially at night -- so we were able to tour just fine. I love late nights at MK!

Anyway, we had purposely not booked an ADR for a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. My nieces were not big on holiday food -- one of them likes ham, one of them only eats noodles, and the other one loves sweet potatoes. But that's it -- they want nothing to do with turkey or green beans. So it would not have been a good use of our money to pay for the special meals.

So we spent that Thursday doing normal Disney stuff -- rides, rides, snacking, and tons of walking. I can't remember where we were that day, but we had a good time.

Anyway, we left a park around 8 p.m. (we might have been at AK) and realized we were hungry. We decided to drive thru that McDonald's on property. Our mouths were watering as we drove up to the drive-thru, only to discover that they had closed 15 minutes before we got there!!

So now what? No one will admit to this suggestion, but for some reason we decided to go to the Coronado food court. That's the one where there are lots of separate stations -- kind of like Sunshine Seasons at The Land. You go around and get what you want and they give you a ticket that they keep adding your purchases onto, and then you pay one time on your way out. It's a little bit strange.

It was pretty empty when we got there -- what a surprise that it wasn't popular for Thanksgiving Day dinner!

Now two of my nieces went for food totally unrelated to Thanksgiving -- pizza and tacos. Me and my sister went for flavor, although I can't remember what we got. My other niece spotted ham and went for it -- the server ended up giving her extra for free, so he could empty his pan.

And then there was my husband, who was still grousing because he missed having a "real" Thanksgiving meal, and therefore went for -- yes, you guessed it -- turkey and dressing! But, yes, you guessed it, he really, really, really regretted it. Note to self: Never order turkey and dressing at the end of the night at any food court anywhere in the world!!

But, as most crazy Disney experiences turn out, to this day, we still talk about that "special" Thanksgiving meal!

Hope everyone has a restful, happy Thanksgiving with friends and family!

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