Friday, November 21, 2008

So So Week

Unfortunately I've had a so-so week of exercise, and not a good week on Weight Watchers. But I've improved in the last few days, and am focused today on making it a good day with both food and exercise.

Now that we're getting closer to THE RACE, a so-so day or week feels like a lost opportunity! But sometimes that's just the way it goes.

In a few weeks, I am lucky enough to be going to MouseFest again this year. I've been working on my schedule -- boy, is it tough trying to make exercise/running a priority amongst all the meets!!

Most days I'm planning on 7 a.m. runs -- luckily I only have one late night scheduled, the AATM Jellyrolls meet. But I've got to squeeze in some weight training at the gym too -- that's going to be all over the place, time-wise.

I'm actually thinking about wearing one of those surgical masks on the plane! I'm starting to get paranoid about not getting sick between now and THE RACE.

Happy Friday everyone!!


Chris said...

Happy Friday to you as well.

Tough life...going to Disney as much as Bryan does! ;-)

Keep on the exercise as it'll help your build your immunity too.

Rae! said...

I can send you a mask with your shirt this week.
Happy Friday. Yes I am to finding it hard to make running and training #1. But hey we are alpmost there!!
You are doing great! Don't worry be happy! Haha