Thursday, January 17, 2008

Registration and Shoes - Good and Bad

I registered yesterday! It was VERY, VERY exciting! Ever since MouseFest, when I got roped into this crazy goal, I've been supported by Team Voice. And I've been working towards something specific in the gym. It's really a unique experience! And pretty fun so far!

That was the good -- now the bad. I bought a new pair of Saucony running shoes this past weekend from a real running store. I have been wearing Asics, which I really like. But I decided to try the Saucony. So far, while wearing them around and in part of my workouts, they are not great. I really hope I didn't make an expensive mistake! But I'll keep wearing them and hopefully will grow to love them.


caballerofan said...

A good Fitness shoe store should stand behind what they sold you. If you are not happy, take them back and express why.
The store I purchase from brings out multiple pairs and brands for me to try. This store is in a strip mall and they have long central hallway behind the shops. They let you test run each pair.
But more importantly, they tell their customers to try their final purchase on a treadmill and if you are not satisfied bring them back.
I have owned two pair of Sauconys.
The good is that they offer me arch support that I have not found in another brand. "Yet". The bad is that the inside of the heels do not last. For me anyway. Let me state that I use the shoes for both walking and jogging. If I am walking, my heel strike is much different and may be a contributing factor.
If the shoes bother you, don't suffer. You plan on spending the next 300+ miles in them. Go back to the store and talk to them.
You can also find different lacing techniques on-line that can help reduce pressure points. I sometimes use a ladder lacing style that feels great.
I will be in the market for new shoes soon and may go with another brand. But who knows.

Take care of your feet. They have a lot of miles ahead of them.

Rae! said...

Shoes are not sippar to hurt!!
They should have measured you arch,and how your foot strikes the floor. So that way you will be fitted to the right shoe for you regardless of what brand!
Take them back! If you continue to train in them you can cause injury to your lower back and legs!!

Congratulations on registering!!