Friday, January 18, 2008

Mouse Station Made Me Cry

So I was listening to Show #123 of Mouse Station today, and along came a listener email that brought a tear to my eye. (Gotta love those segments every now and then!)

A listener describes a 10-week RV trip his family took when he was a child, complete with a stop at WDW. (Did you catch that I said 10 WEEK, not 10 days?!)

They got to Thunder Mtn and the line was huge, but a cast member noticed his family and the fact that his dad was in a wheelchair, and asked if they wanted to ride. Off they went to the handicapped entrance, at the front of the line. Yes, it was a magical moment like a lot of others.

But the listener goes on to say that his dad never did fulfill his dream of riding Space Mtn before he passed away, but anytime the listener sees a rocket with an empty seat taking off, he likes to think that his dad is getting his chance to ride.

I think I'll always think of that from now on, when I see an empty seat in Space Mtn, or in Thunder.

Ahhhh, the Disney magic is magical.


Rae! said...

That is a great story. Send me the link to that podcast.

How are the shoes?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your training is going well and that you signed up for the 2009 half marathon.

When I started training around March/April of 2007 I had never run before. After training for the rest of 2007 I had no trouble completing the 2008 1/2M. And I'm sure that you will be able to do it too. :-)