Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Miles and Inspiration

I went to my niece's high school graduation in Concord, North Carolina two weeks ago, and the student speaker (no more validictorian/salutatorian) said something that I really liked.

Well, he said a few things -- he was a very good speaker -- but one in particular stood out so much that I grabbed my pen and jotted it down in the program.

Hope, Possibilities and Endurance.

I really liked that. And it seemed to tie back really well to my training for the half marathon last year. And as I learned last year after crossing the finish line, and therefore having reached a year-long goal, it applies to just about anything we might want to set our sights on.

And the 5 miles? I ran that distance today, even though my target was only 4.5 miles. I just wanted to get to 5 this weekend, on my way to hitting 13 by the end of the summer.

Hope, Possibilities and Endurance.


Chris said...

Great job on the 5 miles, Deb.

Great statement as well. Especially endurance, it's what separates the "men from the boys" in's a long haul for certain. :-)

Amanda said...

I like that saying as well...Thank you for sharing it. I tdoes pertain to so many things in life.

Great job on the 5 miles! Can I borrow some of your endurance so that I can get my distances going up instead of down?

Rae! said...

I am so glad you did the 5 miles. And you are right about the statement.