Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy, Sad

So I was very happy to finish the race! I was also very happy to get the race over with, so I could relax a little bit.

But now, the blues are setting in.

It's over -- the excitement of the weekend -- being with my family, friends, Team Voicers, Mouseketeers, Disney fans -- race day -- the cheers and well wishes of all the strangers along the course -- looking at the medal a few times a day with relief and awe.

So now it's back to training, and back to focusing on food again to make the most of my Weight Watchers experience.

I'm ready. It's time.

(Go post on the Team Voice forums today so that new members can join in and experience what we accomplished this year!)


Basil said...

I'm experiencing the same emotions. Especially right now as I listen to this weeks AATM and're speaking right now. I definately miss all my fellow Team least we have the blogs and the forums where we can stay in touch and push each other forward.

Chris said...

Ditto! Starting to settle back in to "life" though. Still hoping to make it down for next years race. My wife and I talked about it and it's looking a little more promising. :-)

Anonymous said...

It was super cool to see you again. I wish we had more time to sit and chat. The time just seemed to fly by.
I'm already missing the experience and wishing it were all happening again (even the running part).

Rae! said...

Here here!!
I am looking forward to going to the princess.
I will miss everyone being there. Deb it would be really neat if we could meet up one time.

Princess Fee said...

Belated congratulations on completing the race - you guys all did a fantastic job!!! Way to go Team Voicers!!! :D

And it'll be hard adjusting to 'real life' but reliving the memories will be a good way to get through it...and planning for the future!