Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Disney Podcasts

How did I ignore Disney podcasts for years?! What planet was I on?
Once I found the first one, the fat lady sang! Well, the podcasters espoused, rambled, laughed, cried, dreamed, complained, questioned and fed my appetite for All Things Disney.
So what are my favorites?
(1) All About The Mouse, with Jonathan and Bryan. I found them early on, was one of their first listeners and first emailers, so feel very connected to them and their success. They are always upbeat, fun and just sappy enough.
(2) The WDW Radio Show, with Lou and Jeff. "Oh, Lou..." One of the first Disney podcasters, a true original, an amazing guy. My favorite segment is DSI - Disney Scene Investigations. Who knew you could talk for an hour about the Jungle Cruise queue!
(3) Netcot, with Van. Short and sassy podcast, great radio voice, and insights and opinions that are unique and different.
It's a whole new world -- take a listen today!

1 comment:

Lou Mongello - said...

Ohhhhh, Deb!! Thank you for such kind words, and for listening to the show! Glad you enjoy it and best of luck on the new blog.... but who is the Jonathan character you're talking about? LOL