Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Michigan Family's Magical Moments

Want to hear some really good magical moments? Feel like shedding a little tiny tear today?

Then listen to show #33 of the Be Our Guest podcast! Mike has listener Beth from Michigan (yay, my part of the country!) on the show to share her family's trip report. They have a son who has cerebral palsy, so it's a good insight on traveling with a special-needs child.

But more importantly, they experienced a lot of magical moments that are fun to listen to!

Check it out!


Rae! said...

I will check it out.
How are you doing??

Chris said...

Thanks for the bump on "Be our guest", I'll have to add it to the playlist. :-)

If it's anything like the call in story to the DisUnplugged during cast member appreciation, I'm sure it'll be emotional. The story where a little boy was hit by a car outside the Contemporary and how the cast members rallyed around the family through the whole ordeal...amazing.